Ultramarine Blue, Violet

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ULTRAMARINE BLUE / VIOLET ( Na6Al6Si6O2S2 ) - CI PB 29 - 77007 / CI PV 15 - 77007
Ultramarine blue / violet (UMB) is a pigment based on sodium aluminium sulphosilicates. The sodium content determines the tone of the pigment.
UMB is the brightest blue/violet pigment and has very good colourfastness.


  • Lime products like mineral paint, fresco, plaster, ornaments, etc.
  • Synthetic materials like plastic, bitumen, asphalt, rubber, resin, quartz flooring, etc.
  • Paint like oil and water colour, etc.
  • Optical whitener in detergents, etc.
  • Marking powders, etc.