Chromium Oxide Green

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CHROMIUM OXIDE (Cr2O3) - CI PG 17 - 77288
Chromium oxide green contains more than 98% Cr2O3 and has a low Cr6+ content. Like all oxides, chromium green is a highly stable pigment, which makes it the most important UV-resistant green pigment.
Chromium green is only available in 'olive green'.


  • Cement products like industrial flooring, concrete blocks, concrete bricks, roofing tiles, tiles, grouting, terrazo, etc.
  • Lime products like mineral paint, fresco, plaster, ornaments, etc.
  • Synthetics like plastic, bitumen, asphalt, rubber, resins, quartz flooring, etc.
  • Paint like oil and water colour, etc.
  • Ceramic products and enamel.
  • Polishing of metals.