Synthetic Iron Oxides

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Synthetic iron oxides are the synthetic variety of the natural pigments. These iron oxides contain 99% iron oxide and therefore have a considerably better colouring power than the natural oxides. Because these pure oxides contain no pollutants like MnO, SiO2, Al2O3, and so on, the colours have more brilliance than natural pigments.
These synthetic iron oxides are obtained by oxidising iron (scrap metal) to (hydrated) iron oxide.
Iron oxides consist of various tones of yellow, red and black. By mixing these colours, brown tones are obtained
Iron oxide yellow (Fe2O3.3H2O) : CI PY 42 - 77492
Iron oxide red (Fe2O3) : CI PR 101 - 77491
Iron oxide black (Fe2O3.FeO): CI PBk 11 - 77499


  • Cement products like industrial flooring, concrete blocks, concrete bricks, roofing tiles, tiles, grouting, terrazo, etc.
  • Lime products like mineral paint, fresco, plaster, ornaments, etc.
  • Synthetics like plastic, bitumen, asphalt, rubber, resins, quartz flooring, etc.
  • Paint like oil and water colour, etc.
  • Fertilizers
  • Products for treating wood
  • Paper, cardboard, etc.
  • Ceramic products (iron oxide red)